Today, state of the art automation technology is a matter of course. It is essential for quality assurance and optimization of machines and plants.


Our highly qualified engineers utilize the whole range of manufacturer independent and most statue of the art technology.


The merge of automation and information technology is a continuous process.  We use high level programming languages in machine and plant automation and develop user friendly interfaces, image processing applications as well as data base related client server solutions.


The integration in your already existing infra structure will be realized exactly as you require.





Project Planning

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Creating of specifications for machine, plant and process technology
  • Benefit-cost analysis
  • System analysis


Planning of instrumentation and controls

  • Planning and design of switch gear cabinets and electronic plants
  • Supervision during assembly
  • Hardware start up
  • Customer Acceptance


Software development

  • Creation of technical specifications
  • Software development
  • Software test and simulation
  • Software start up
  • Documentation
  • Customer acceptance